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Its important to take care your hair extensions as if it were your natural. WE have provided a few helpful tips to your hair extensions top tier.

  • Start from the bottom when combing your wigs and bundles. A wide tooth comb is preferred.

  • Air drying is the best drying method for your wigs and bundles

  • Invest in a mannequin head to prop your wig on

  • Use minimal heat on your wigs and bundles and when you do always use a heat protecting spray

  • Deep condition your wigs and bundles for about 30 minutes especially with the curly texture

  • Night care routine: when wearing a wig to bed make sure to tie a scarf around the lace as well as place a bonnet around your hair

  • Use conditioner when removing your lace glue. Do not pull or tug on your lace this can cause breakage

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